Monday, 15 May 2017

River fly diary updated

I don't know if anyone else refers to my River fly diary page? But I do...... I frequently refer back to see what I have caught on in previous years. It just acts as a little reminder as to what to tie
This is not one for the Peacock stretch of the Derbyshire Wye, my usual fishing haunt - but this month I have been travelling around a little and am able to explore some other fly types
Check out the River diary page

Wild Trout Trust and intriguing videos

Its amazing what you see at Wild Trout Trust meetings! One of the benefits of improving our rivers is that it improves it for everything. Grayling are of course one of the beneficiaries of cleaner rivers, only able to survive in cleaner water. At the recent WTT Annual get-together in Rowsley, Derbyshire, Jack Perks our local (Nottingham) underwater camera man is discovering what goes on under the waterline. Here is a link to one of the videos he showed us during the talk - I don't remember if it had sound effects Jack Perks grayling

Just keep watching..........

A day on the River Don on a cold day in May

Paul Sissons had generously offered to guide and advise us for a day on the (free water) River Don near Sheffield.
The day proved to be incredibly cold for the time of year, but with Pauls advice and support on river nymphing we were all successful. In fact Ginny was so successful she caught on the first cast! It turned out to be the biggest fish of the day - an escapee rainbow. So congratulations to  her and, clearly, Pauls expert tutoring!
The venue was far more picturesque than I had expected for an urban river. Woodland, with paths (completely free of litter) running through it. Well used, and clearly respected by local walkers and runners.
The warm sun didn't burn through until about 4 in the afternoon - and my feet didn't defrost until much later - but we had good company and good instruction on the water.
Thanks to Paul Sissons and all who attended.
Check Womens fishing day page for next event in July

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Dodging the Dippers on the Derbyshire Wye

No photos unfortunately, but the dippers were doing battle for territory late yesterday. I watched, fascinated as they knocked each other off rocks and into the river, then had to swim to another rock. Repeatedly doing this, flying upriver and coming back to do the same. One finally flying off, swerving at a duck in its aggressive state.
This is the point where I wished I was carrying a better camera than my phone!
Updated river fly diaries this morning - the season begins! Enjoy!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Otters catching on the river Wye

Not the svelte, furry creatures, but a small dry fly!
First fish of the new season on an otter!
Fishing the Cressbrook & Litton stretch of the Wye as Hilary's guest - she saw a fly pop up for the orange indicator on her fly line. So I put on a size 18 scrappily tied Otter. Up swam a fish and took it. A beautifully marked browny.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Don't forget to buy your rod license before April 1st

Don't get caught on the river without a rod license. You can apply online for your license now
You can also buy a licence:
  • by calling EA on 0344 800 5386 (find out about call charges)
  • in person at a Post Office

    Prices for licences before 1 April

    Licence type Non-migratory trout and coarse Salmon and sea trout
    1-day licence £3.75 £8.00
    8-day licence £10.00 £23.00
    Full licence (valid until 31 March 2017) £27.00 £72.00
    Over 65 or disabled (valid until 31 March 2017) £18.00 £48.00     
     Some prices have gone up for 2017-18

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Some where over the rainbow.....

........the trout season on rivers may be over - but there is a pot of silver at the end of the rainbow!
Silver in the form of a grayling. 
The lady of the stream. 
Ladies of the stream (Lots) is the name of the womens/female fishing group that is slowly growing in numbers. Sign up to join us or find out a little more