Thursday, 7 March 2013

The interesting art of fly fishing

Women fly fishers in the UK are in a minority. It seems a shame that the popular sport of fly fishing attracts so few women. Why this is I have no idea, but I would like to change that.
Time spent by a river or still water is rarely unrewarding. Unlike coarse fishing, fly fishing includes quite a bit of walking intertwined with frequent bouts of standing watching the water and its surroundings.
Walking by a river is a pleasurable pursuit and many of us whilst out walking will have noticed the bonus of a walk that includes an amble along a river.
When fly fishing I may spend the whole day walking and observing the river life.
Not just searching for fish in the river, but watching the fly life that emerges from it. Hearing the kingfisher whistling to alert me to its rapidly vanishing vivid turquoise presence. A hawk flying along, just above the river, using the tree and shrub lined banks for an undetectable approach to its prey.
Sitting on a river bank in the long grass, eating my picnic lunch and becoming aware of something moving under my butt. Standing to reveal a very large frog hauling itself from the grass and hopping off into the river, none the worse for its brief stint as a cushion. I don't expect to repeat that experience, but then, you never know what you will see by the riverbank.
In my endeavour to encourage other women to enjoy the interesting art of fly fishing I hope to set up a get-together, hopefully close to a river bank, somewhere in Derbyshire in April of 2013 to introduce women to the elegant and interesting art of fly fishing.
Return soon to my blog for updates.
If you would like to register your interest, please see the contact page. 

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