Monday, 1 June 2015

James Ogden, fishing the Wye below Bakewell Bridge June 5th

This coming June 5th will mark 150yrs since James Ogden, fishing the Wye below Bakewell Bridge, demonstrated his original floating dry flies to an audience of locals, fishermen, agents and keepers. Dry Fly Only was adopted the following day.
As a testimony to the man, who literally risked his neck to prove his flies would catch fish, we are planning a re-enactment this coming Ogden Day.
A horse and carriage will transport 'Mr Ogden' from the Peacock at 9.30am to Bakewell where an assembled crowd will watch 'Mr Ogden' use the tackle of the age, to try and hook a fish. No pressure. The media will be there to record the occasion.
The Peacock at Rowsley invite you to join them. Peacock - 9.30am. Bakewell Bridge 10 - 10.30am depending on the horse...
You can read a downloadable version of Ogden on Fly Tying 1887 from the Fishing Museum. . Originally published in Cheltenham, 1879. First editions are now very rare and extremely expensive. The author first fished in Derbyshire before moving to Cheltenham where he perfected a practical method of dry fly fishing. This illustrated book contains fascinating and informative descriptions of his methods with the floating fly, which he claims to have invented some 40 years before his book was published. Contents include: On Fly Dressing - Favourite Standard Flies - On Salmon Flies - The May Fly - The Green Drake - On Rods _ Hints on Casting - On Reels - On Fly Lines - Minnow Fishing - Ireland - Baskets and Nets. Etc.

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