Saturday, 11 July 2015

Wonderful Wolfscote Dale and fly fishing on the river Dove

Ladies of the Stream
Well, we had four women fishing at Wolfscote on the Dove.
Hilary took some very good shots of the river and fish. The landscape and surroundings in this popular walking area are stunning.
The morning gave us some heavy rain - which did not dampen the spirits for fishing in this beautiful spot. The wind then set up which also did not stop us casting a fly - frequently at the trees!
Derbyshire County AC had given us this day fly fishing - for which we all say thank you very much.
The river held some large grayling (and trout). The grayling being a good indicator of clean water. Clearly a river in good heart.
There are three different groups that currently own the stretches past Charles Cottons Temple, Wolfscote and down Beresford Dale. All to be sold - as far as I have been told - to one owner. Let us hope that the fishing remains accessible to those of who appreciate fishing such water without it breaking the bank.

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