Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fishing club doubles number of women anglers!

Yes, its true - the Peacock Fishing Club doubled the number of women anglers this year.
Unfortunately that only makes two of us!
Why are there so few women fishing? I realise that it is probably a Marmite thing - you love it or hate it. But how many women have actually tried? How many young girls have actually paddled and fished? How do we get more women on the river fishing?
Please could I ask all of you (mainly men) who fish, buy a few casting lessons for a woman you know who might like to try it. I strongly suggest that you do not attempt to teach your partner yourself ....... that is really not a good idea. In fact in some respects, I consider myself fortunate that my husband does not fly fish - he still occasionally tries to suggest how I might improve my fishing though!
Now I must find the time to get to Peter's Bakewell fly fishing shop as he says he has the names of some potential female fly fishers. The problem then I face is - where do I take them to try wetting a fly - or initially a piece of wool. Then how do I keep them fishing - it not being that cheap an activity.
Any ideas? Offers from clubs?
Could be a call to Bernie Maher at Press Manor is required again. I am not a still water fisher, but we had a very good evening last year with free tuition from Peter Arfield. Contact the blog if you might like to join us or have some ideas of practice venues.
Oh and the picture above is a tip (from another fly fishing person of course) to use blades of grass to dull a new tippet. In fact I find it very good to smooth a tippet that has gone a bit twisty.
Tight lines

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