Monday, 10 November 2014

Successful Womens Grayling Day on the Wye

Well our first day out river fishing as a group of women went extremely well. The weather was glorious, more like summer than October. There were just five of us to fish, with varied ability, but everyone caught fish.
Wye river keeper, Jan had set up rods and nets for the folk who didn't have suitable river rods and also supplied us with flies.
Peter Arfield of Bakewell fly fishing shop joined us to give some tuition and guidance. We also had Chris Worthy as well as Jan as support and guide for the day.
It has been great to have so much wise support and help freely given. Thank you to the three of you for making this such a good day on the river and thank you to Haddon estates for nurturing such a beautiful natural river.
The first grayling of the day was caught by Hilary. Hilary is an accomplished fisher who fishes in quite a few places around the world....... and thoroughly enjoys it. Her netsman here is Peter Arfield. The river fly diary page shows you just a few of the flies used on this very warm October day.

With support next year from a few of the local clubs we hope to have a few more days out fishing next trout season and hopefully with more anglers taking part?
Anyway spread the word that fly fishing is an elegant and wonderful sport for women and if you are thinking of trying fly fishing just do it!
Do start off with tuition though - from a trained person, not just someone you know who fishes. My first casting lessons were given to me as a Christmas present - it was a voucher from Bakewell Fly Fishing shop with AAPGAI qualified instructor Peter Arfield (see link above). Casting that fly onto the water requires more technique than effort!
Join us and we will try and get you enjoying some time at the river. 
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