Wednesday, 11 February 2015

BFFI 2015

I attended the BFFI show last weekend. Attendance seemed good. The place was warm. But the internet was wobbly, which meant card payment was not easy (note to self - perhaps that was a good thing).
Chatted to lots of folk.
What did I learn? Well I watched the fly tyers for a while. Whilst watching Stefan Larsson tie some neat slim flies, he gave a good tip - When tying up a fly with a post, put a little super glue, carefully, around the base of the post. You then have a firmer post to hackle around.
I picked up some 'reelwings' from Joseph Ludkin to try on some of my dries this year. Will report back when I have tried them. They certainly seem light and fine so shouldn't twist up on casting. Looks a good website too.

 There with my brother-in-law, Gary, who bought a very neat, hand held fishing microscope, with light. Perfect to use when on or by the river. Small and perfectly formed it is called a 'Hookpoint pocket magnifier'. The website is Spirex Aquatec. You can also clip on your fishing fly, or check out in detail that amazing fly someone has given you - before you lose it to the tree gods....
 This is the base tray, which swings round to allow you to place your critter. The light makes it easy to see the detail.
The fly fair wasn't just about fishing. I also perused some fantastic paintings and prints by David Miller. In fact I bought a print for my husband's birthday. Though this is not until April, I couldn't walk by the image of puffins, viewed from underwater. So I bought it and it is now hidden in the wardrobe.
I asked David how he sourced the info to make such amazing pictures - he takes his own photos - some of them from underwater. For the puffins he modified a bird decoy to look like a puffin and filmed the result, apparently at times with the puffins feet flapping against his face mask. Wonderful. The picture was even more relevant to my husband as these were Skomer puffins. He sails, and we have anchored overnight off Skomer, watching hundreds and thousands of puffins streaming over head. It is one of his regular anchorages as we keep our Folkboat in Dale, just round the corner.
I know he won't be looking at the blog, so my present will remain secret - I hope.

I picked up some flyers for fishing in different parts of the world - something generally out of my options, as my husband does not fish. But, of course, we have some wonderful places to fish here in the UK. I picked up a flyer for Ceiriog Fly Fishers and chatted to the chaps on the stall.
Looks like some rather beautiful fishing for a very low price indeed... £140 and no joining fee. Check it out.
If there are any other clubs out there who would like a mention on the blog, email me. Perhaps if there are a number I will add another page of club fishing.
In fact I have added a new page. It is 'Women's fishing days' and lists the events we have already had and will have more added as I organise events.
If you are a club who would consider hosting a 'ladies day' on your water, then please contact me. Fly fishing is such a wonderful thing to do, I think we need to open it out to more folk to enjoy.
It is with regard to the 'ladies days' fishing that I must now post this blog and get in touch with Anne Woodcock of Fish Pal. Who is, I hope, going to give me some pointers to getting more events organised.

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