Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Five go fly fishing on the Derbyshire Wye in sunny October

As the long shadows lie acrosss the river meadow after a very hot day in October the last three fishers return. What a perfect day for trout fishing on the clear water of the Derbyshire Wye.
This blog exists to encourage more women into fly fishing. "Ladies of the stream" (the groups name) are slowly bringing more women into fly fishing.
We started the day with Bernie Maher (figure in the river) doing a kick sample for us - our dapper bearded chap on the bank is Chris, who kindly responded to my request for some help on the day. Thanks again Chris. Thanks also to Bernie who also responded to my call at very short notice! You may recall Bernie featured in an earlier post - it concerned a lawnmower in the lake. Bernie runs Presss Manor fishing lakes and also gives casting tuition.
With the book and the results from the kick sample, Bernie told us what we could see in the tray. Explaining the 'lifestyle' of the different critters. Apart from a bullyhead - which you  may observe in bottom left of the tray, I recall we saw mayfly, blue winged olives, rhyacophila, but not many shrimps. It is always amazing to learn that these tiny creatures may live for up to two years in the river - then the majority of them emerge for a day and die. The River fly partnership has a very good web site for more information. You can also get the app 'Match a hatch' which shows the flies in superb detail, when they are about and what artifical flies you may use to represent them.
Bernie points out what the artificials may represent - fly box courtesy of Chris Worthy.
Fly casting took me quite some time to aquire a - sometimes erratic - ability to cast those tiny flies across the river, but Bernies ability to rationalise the artificial flies down to green things, brown things etc. is a very good point to start at!
We were joined in the afternoon by Peter Arfield of Bakewell fly fishing shop, Who generously gave some fly casting tuition to a new fisher in the group.
We are planning some grayling days for Autumn. If you would like to join us please go to the contact page and send an email. Also have a look regularly at the Women's fishing days on the blog. If you 'Follow by email' you will be informed when I put up a new post.
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