Saturday, 21 May 2016

English riverfly survey reveals abysmal state of our once gin clear chalkstreams

Just to update yourselves on the poor state of our rivers, please follow the link to the Salmon & Trout Conservation Uk website.
Perhaps scroll down to the bottom of the page to make a donation to survey the health of more UK rivers?
To quote Paul Knight, Chief Executive of S&TC UK:
“Most of the rivers we analysed were impacted to some extent, although the chalk rivers were the worst.  England’s 200 or so chalkstreams form about 85% of the world’s total stock of this richly diverse and complex habitat.  Almost all of them are in a dismal state of decline. Plants, insects, fish, mammals and bird-life are suffering as a result of the loss of flylife, which plays a crucial role in the aquatic food chain. Basically lose your flylife and you will lose many other important species too.”

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