Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The heaviest catch at Wolfscote

What a weighty beast being hauled from the river by Sarah. Not a very large trout, but a very wet and firmly stuck large lamb. It had clearly done something many of us fly fishers do at the waters edge and thought solid ground was between us and the river, discovering our error as we sink into the water! Unfortunately the lamb could not recover itself from this position and, had Sarah not so obligingly and professionally, stepped in, I am sure the animal would not have survived the night. It was sodden. The lamb was lucky that we had Sarah with us - she keeps sheep and knew what to get hold of to haul it out - without landing herself in the river too.
Well done Sarah, you had the largest catch of the day!
To make it a double sheep catch - this event was preceded by Hilary releasing a noisy lamb with its head stuck in fencing. Which just goes to show that a day fly fishing at the river isn't just about fishing!
LOTS (Ladies of the Stream) were fly fishing on the temple beat and Wolfscote yesterday. The drizzle persisted almost all day - but - there was only a gentle southerly wind, highly unusual for Wolfscote Dale. The fishing was hard but we all stuck at dry fly fishing - with results.
I only caught grayling - but then, we are not called the Ladies of the Stream for nothing!
Next event on the 16th of August on the Derbyshire Wye. Check the Womens river fishing days for details.

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