Saturday, 20 July 2013

Stalking on the river!

Our walk on the Wye with Regular Rod, gave us an insight into the craft of creeping up on the fish. Spotting them before they spot us.
We had a beautiful summer evening to watch and listen to the secrets of catching these wild Wye fish. Knots, leaders, tippets, flies, all were discussed, examined and considered. So yes Richard, I have changed from a furled leader. As I don't yet have a range of weights of line, I halved an impossible for me to cast, 9 metre Camou Hends french leader. Yes, it does make less splash - and less spray on recasting. I still have to learn the 'grinner knot', but I have mastered the 'figure of eight'. I also discovered I can use a much shorter tippet with it too.
Thanks from all of us for an informative evening. We all came away having learned something to assist us in enjoying our fishing.
Though I missed seeing the kingfisher that flew past us during our walk, I saw it just the other morning. A great view of it flying past, showing not just the startling turquoise, but the orange too. Beautiful!
I have put a few more of my 'catching' flies on the 'River fly diary' page. I think I am getting them a little neater don't you think?

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  1. It was a very enjoyable evening for me too. That's a fine group of anglers you have gathered together Irene. It will be a pleasure to help out again if the group fancy it.