Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Runnin scared!

It had been a slow day on the river. The wind had returned and with it rain.
So I headed back to the fishermens car park up the track. Saw some figures heading across the field over on my right. Clearly the car that had been parked there for some time was theirs.
They spotted me and speeded up, finally running to the car and reversing almost into me, such was their haste.
I had a similar effect on some D of E lads that were in the wrong place on the river.
Wow – a woman fly fisher – the effect is clearly alarming!
Or is it guilty conscience?
So if anyone else spots that silver BMW near the river, reg. no LD11 YAH, do ask them what frightened them off!
Or, preferably, just phone the river keeper.

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