Sunday, 11 January 2015

To trot or not to trot?

Generally I take a couple of months off fishing at this time of year. Last weekend in the deep hard frost we took a walk which brought us down the river Bradford.
We bought the book 'A River in Time' written by Christine Gregory, at a talk presented by the Wildlife Trust, Wye and Upper Derwent Group last Autumn. The book gives a deep and thorough picture of this beautiful river and its history.
We watched the river as we walked. Plenty of water, birdsong and a good flow of water. Lunch on the bench just up from the swimming area, sitting in the sunshine. Delightful.
Later that evening opening my emails I read a newsletter from GAIC. Going through the articles I read Louis Noble's description of trotting for grayling. Apart from his suggestion to use a worm, it intrigued me. I have an old Avon Crown centre pin reel of my father's. But I would need to buy a rod, braid, nylon, float and shot. Will it be worth it? I think I would prefer to use tied nymphs or shrimps rather than maggot or worm.  Do they work?
Priced up a J W Young 13' rod. But will it feel heavy?
Checked out on YouTube the Wallis cast required to launch float, shot, line and bait - seems reasonably easy from the comfort of my armchair! Would no doubt be creating a few birds’ nests at the river?
Can anyone advise? I dislike wading to any depth in the cold, cold water - besides, my wader’s leek at a point above my knee. So could I use this technique to fish further across the river?
Your tips and opinions please.
To trot or not to trot?

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