Thursday, 23 April 2015

A sunny day by the river in April

Ok so I had just enjoyed a week in Mallorca walking in the high stony areas with lots of sunshine and swimming in a cold sea, but to return to sunshine and flyfishing on the beautiful Lathkill was quite perfect.
I know they say the sunshine puts the fish off, but the effect of the sun on me whilst wandering along the river puts a very positive spin on the day ahead. Thus I arrived on the Derbyshire Lathkill - knowing it would be a good day. Not a lot of fly life, but the fish came up to the fly.
The colouring of a wild trout is quite amazing to observe. Generally they go back in to the river with such speed it isn't until I look at the pictures that I see the markings. If you enlarge the picture you will see the adipose fin (that little one near the tail) is red. Also the base line of the tail is marked by a red line. And those spots - beautiful.
And yes, I enjoyed my day fly fishing the Lathkill.
And when I get time I will post the flies that caught the fish on the River Diary page. But not tonight - and maybe not tomorrow - as I intend fishing the Wye!

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