Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1 woman fly fishing? No - 5 go fishing!

Ladies of the stream fly fishers met at a beautiful spot on Cressbrook & Litton stretch of the Derbyshire Wye and had a wonderful day fly fishing for the wild browns and rainbows.

The event began with bacon (or egg) butties, cooked by the erstwhile head keeper - David Percival. You may note we have a man in the picture - not chef David but Don Stazicker, GAIA qualified instructor and our man to do the kick sampling plus quite a bit of other support and guiding.
Kick sampling and an expert to advise on what is in the box - is always interesting and informative. I can now tell a leech from a midge larvae. Thank you Don.
We had a bullhead in the box - which concerned Hilary as she thought it may eat everything. Craftily a mayfly(?) nymph attached itself to the back of the bullhead - quite out of danger. It was a bit like watching films of sharks with much smaller fish hitching a ride in their slipstream.

Time to get to the river and fish!

Don was a fount of knowledge and support - showing Ange how to catch that trout!

Thank you from Ladies of the Stream

Ladies of the Stream would like to say a grand thank you to Cressbrook & Litton for giving us the opportunity to fish this lovely stretch of river. Thanks also to Hilary for organising the event.
The Cressbrook & Litton is a wonderfully organised and run club, revering both the river environment and the fly fishers. Its river stretches running through stunning Derbyshire scenery. Not only that - but they also do day tickets! Follow this link to book.

Future events

Now I must do the update of future "Womens fishing days" for Ladies of the stream, with our next event July 7th at Wolfscote, courtesy of Derbyshire County Angling Club.

Ladies of the stream

"Ladies of the stream" is a get together of women to enjoy fly fishing. If you are interested in joining please make contact. Our aim is to get more women and girls fly fishing. Whether you have no knowledge of what fly fishing is, are a novice or able fly fisher please contact to join the group.
Fly fishing is a superb pastime. I can think of no other more pleasureable activity than walking along a river - fly rod, landing net - constantly observing the river and surrounding flora and fauna. Delightful fly fishing therapy.
Tight lines

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