Saturday, 26 September 2015

Water water everywhere and not a drop to fish

We saw many beautiful rivers on our trip to Italy this month. Unfortunately I was unable to fish any of them as I had not taken fly fishing gear - it was a walking holiday in the Piedmont area. Just to give you a taste of the area I have a couple of pictures and a video

The river above is the Chiusella. Within easy walking distance of where we were staying. A mile or so upriver of this is a swimming spot named 'Devils mouth' (Bocca diablo - in Italian? Or something like that) where we watched Barbel grazing the rocks in the clear water.

I did note that the most accessible spots of the river were in the no fishing zones!
Just to give you a little more feel for the strength of the water here I attach a video. This was in Fondo, a high village - with very small communities (many abandoned) living even higher up. I know because we did the high route then back along the river.

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