Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I forgot it was All Fools Day

Well I guess once the kids are grown, things like April Fools day slips out of the conscious mind. Had hoped the first day of fishing this season on the Wye might at least have been sunny. I expected it to be cold, but no sun and that vicious wind. Almost gave up until another fisher person on the opposite bank said he had caught a few fish!!! So, back to the car for lunch then back to the river.
Yes, I caught fish - on a dry fly of course - as this is the 'Peacock' Wye. I quite like that rule really, and the no wading. I get very cold feet, and only being able to choose dry flies, reduces the choice a little. In fact I was told recently that it isn't the colour of the fly, it is the size of fly that needs to be correct. So I used a bushy thorax Adams, mainly because I couldn't see anything smaller. Sipped down by a beautifully marked trout. No camera, the snow flurry when I set off, had meant I left it in the car.
Other rises didn't take the Adams, so changed to a March brown, tied Olly Edwards style. It vanished from the surface to a grayling.
I will put the pictures of the flies that I tied and caught on, on the 'River fly diary' page. Good to see a dipper and the wagtails up and down the river.

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