Thursday, 26 March 2015

Angling Trust Volunteer Champions

That fishing is addictive is, I consider, a benefit of the sport. What activity could be more pleasant than spending time at a beautiful river or still water location, standing quietly or moving slowly at the bankside, always observing everything around; the birds, wildlife, insects, fish, the clouds and the moving water.
Tremendously relaxing.
I set up this blog with the intention of getting more women into fishing. It seems to be outside the scope of many. Indeed I was one who failed to know what fly fishing - as opposed to coarse fishing - was. As a child I fished with my father. But even then I wandered along the banks of streams, never sitting still, as the coarse fisher does. I would not decry coarse fishing, but I do delight in wandering along rivers.
Having already begun arranging days for women at the river or stillwater and struggling with how to keep it moving forward - I have now discovered the Angling Trust Volunteer Champions. I will let you know how I get on. But I sugges that you follow the link and take a look yourself
and perhaps join the Angling Trust?

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