Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ladies of the Stream fishing Barlow in the rain - then the wind blasted in!

Sunday 29th March. Rain and wind forecast. A day on Barlow Lakes booked and tuition organised with Peter Arfield.
Well it started off just spitting with rain. No wind yet, which Peter thought was a shame as he had expected to teach us how to cast a team of flies in a wind!
Of course the wind arrived, just as he was leaving to get back to the shop.

On we struggled, in the wind and the rain. Hilary catching fish all over the place it seemed (see picture above). I was damp, daunted and hungry - I don't care for bacon butties - which the rest of the group had stocked up on before fishing.
I wouldn't say we had a good or wonderful day. It was the first bad weather day we have had for our women's fishing group - The Ladies of the Stream. I suppose it had to happen at some point.
Let us hope that our future days on the river will bless us with good weather!
If you wish to participate in our future events and you are a potential or actual women fly fisher, then please make contact.
We will have to restrict numbers for the river fishing events. We hope to begin setting up regular meets for instruction, advice and support. Watch this space!

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